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Lancaster Pumps – Residential & Commercial Water Treatment Pumps products used by Perry Aire Service’s Plumbers in Arlington – Washington DC – Maryland & Virginia

Lancaster Pumps – Residential & Commercial Water Treatment Pumps products used by Perry Aire Service’s Plumbers in Arlington – Washington DC – Maryland & Virginia
At Perry Aire Services we carefully choose the products we put in your home or business! We use almost all of the largest companies. No one company makes everything and no one company has all of the best equipment! If I will not put it my home or office, I will not put it in yours! Lancaster Pumps is one of our highly recommended and used products.

“For over 60 years, Lancaster Pump, a division of C-B Tool Co., has manufactured a complete line of well and water pumps for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Another division, Lancaster Water Treatment, produces a complete line of residential and commercial water treatment equipment including water softening, water filtration, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, chemical feed pumps, and ultra violet water purification.”


“Lancaster Pump and Water Treatment is a company designed around offering the consumer quality products at competitive prices with the best service in the industry. Our objective is to maintain our integrity in both product and service. The strength of our company is not bricks, mortar, equipment or products – it is our people. We will always strive to work as a team to satisfy all your needs..”

-Lancaster Pumps

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Why Choose Lancaster Pumps?

  • Comprehensive Product Range: Lancaster Pumps offers well and water pumps, water softeners, filtration systems, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, chemical feed pumps, and UV water purification.
  • Commitment to Quality: Known for producing durable and reliable products with competitive pricing and excellent service.

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