About Perry Aire Services Inc

Steve Perry - Owner of Perry Aire Services Inc and Perry Aire Plumbing

Who We Are

Hello! My name is Steve Perry. I started many years ago by helping my father in the electrical field and then in the heating and air conditioning business. I learned the ins and outs of both businesses very quickly, while always striving to do my best. In the process, I discovered new ways of doing things that were better than the old ways.

As I grew older I realized that I was passionate about what I did and I loved it! I always was looking for the best: the best furnace, the best boiler, the best hot water heater, and the best air conditioning unit. I have since found out that there is no such thing as just one being the best.

You have to understand the circumstances to truly understand which is the best for that application. That is my goal, to help you find the BEST solution for your circumstances!

Our Business

When you need service, whom do you call? When your unit breaks, whom do you call? How do you know they are actually qualified to help you? The fact is, most times you really don’t know. When you call a company, a technician arrives in his service truck, How do you know his knowledge and training level? You don’t know.

Now that is scary! There is a guy in your home or business and you can not be sure what he really knows, if he is there to fix the problem, or take as much money out of your wallet as possible.

Our business, to help you find a technician that knows his job and loves his job!

My philosophy is simple; If I will not give the person I send to your home or business a key to my home, I certainly will not let him in yours!

It is that simple with me. You don’t want a problem and I don’t either!

Before I have hired someone, I have checked them out personally. There are many companies in the area that have convicted felons working for them that come into your home or business without you knowing it!

You can rest assured that when a technician arrives at your location, you will not have worry about that! We are a family owned company with honesty and integrity. Above all, we understand that without you as a customer, our company wouldn’t exist.

With that in mind, we are looking out after your best interest! It is not always about the bottom line. Your complete satisfaction is much more important tha any amount of money!